What Is Double Glazing?

Posted on May 2, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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What ‘does double glazing’ mean?

‘Double’ is simply two, ‘glazing’ is derived from the Middle English for ‘glass’, so very simply double glazing windows are windows that have two (or perhaps three) panes of glass for their thickness.

Why is it two panes and not just extra thick?

The really important part about double-glazing is that between the panes of glass is a pocket of air or other gas, this pocket of air helps to insulate your home from the cold outside. The cold air outside your window now has to transfer through 3 objects before it can start to affect the heat inside your home.

Is Heating the Only Reason?

No, not exactly, but its second most important function is also related to heat. Heat causes things to act strangely, especially big changes or big differences in heat. If your home is nice and warm inside and the air outside is really cold, the difference in temperature acting on a single pane of glass can cause big issues.

Heat causes materials to expand and contract and if the process is not done gradually, it can cause materials to break or become brittle. A similar effect happens with a drastic difference in temperatures; one side of the pane would want to expand while the other side would want to contract.

This is where double glazing comes in handy, the cold air outside cools the outside pane of glass, which then cools the pocket of air, which then cools the inside pane of glass.
Meanwhile, the warm air indoors heats the indoor pane of glass, which then heats the pocket of air, which then heats the outside pane of glass.
Since the pocket of air in the middle is being both heated and cooled, its temperature settles somewhere in the middle. Compared to single glazing, the difference in temperature between the inside of your home and the pocket of air is a lot smaller and therefore causes a lot less stress and damage to your window panes.

Primary school physics, I knew it’d come in handy one day.