Having A Pet Doesn’t Mean The End Of Clean Carpets

Posted on February 28, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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Pet owners, particularly dog owners, might sometimes think that due to their four-legged friend that their carpets are doomed to dirt. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Having a pet will significantly increase the amount you need to vacuum your carpet but you don’t have to have a professional clean twice a week to keep your carpets fresh.

For households without pets, I recommend a professional carpet cleaning approximately every 12 months. However for pets it really doesn’t have to be too drastically different. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months is all that’s required. If you vacuum your carpet more often, such as every other day, you may be able to last longer between professional cleans without permanent damage to your carpets.

These times are only a guideline and if your animals are more prone to shedding, have coarser fur or bring in excessive dirt then the fibres of your carpets are more likely to need cleaning more often to prevent damage.

So even if your Great Dane runs through the living room or your Old English Sheepdog leaves a wig’s worth of fur each day, you can still enjoy the comfort and beautiful sight of clean carpets without breaking your budget.

It’s important to gauge how your carpet is used, a small, light footed pet such as a cat is unlikely to cause much of a problem from them walking on it (although I can’t say the same about scratching). People who wear shoes inside are also going to wear out the carpet more quickly. All these things should be taken into account, getting a carpet professionally cleaned before it needs to be will drastically increase its life expectancy.

The cost of getting your carpet cleaned professionally does not compare to the cost, hassle and time of purchasing a new carpet and having it fitted because you let the damage build up. Don’t leave it too late.

So if you’re a pet owner who also cares about the cleanliness of your home, don’t make up excuses, call Elite Cleaning and get your carpets professionally cleaned before it’s too late. You won’t need to call us every week, just every 6-12 months. Call 07855 781 411 today.