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Posted on April 25, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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When you’ve been doing commercial and domestic cleaning for as long as I have, you tend to build up a reputation. As well as the testimonials on my site, both written and recorded versions, Elite Cleaning gets recommended among family, friends and neighbours. Often when I’m performing my outdoor cleaning services such as patio and driveway cleaning or uPVC conservatory cleaning, neighbours will see the difference that my professional service makes. Often people don’t realise how filthy their surfaces are until they see how clean they can be.

You don’t have to wait until I’m cleaning next door for you to get my help, call today on 07855 781411 and get your driveways, patios, carpets and uPVC cleaned by a professional. Be the envy of your street when your conservatories glow white once more, or just enjoy the feeling of truly clean carpets in your living room again.

I’m quite interested to see if I’ve ever done a commercial and domestic cleaning for the same client, perhaps they work for a company that hires Elite for their offices or their warehouse and went on to hire me for their driveway. Or maybe I cleaned their living room carpets and they recommended me to their boss to clean their offices.

Recommendations for my services come from all over the North West, people from Glossop and Buxton are usually my busiest regions for domestic clients and Stockport for commercial cleaning services. However, I do professional cleaning across most of the High Peak, Derbyshire and East Cheshire so if you’re unsure, just give Elite Cleaning a call. Be the one to make your neighbours jealous to the point where they ask you who cleaned your patio, driveway, conservatory and carpets.