Protect Your Decking

Posted on May 30, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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I love decking, if a garden has the space for a decking area then I believe it should have one. I love having a place out in the garden to sit out, enjoy a drink or a tasty barbecue. The main thing that I love about decking is the wood, there’s something about a well-crafted piece of wooden furniture or wooden flooring that I think is beautiful. However, wood needs care and attention, once it starts to rot, there’s not a lot you can do to save it.

Wooden structures that are kept outdoors are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time their initial protective layers begin to stop working, green algae can build up and cover the wood in a slippery layer that will damage the wood the longer it’s left on there.

Elite Cleaning can do the deep and thorough cleaning that’s needed before you re-protect the wooden surfaces. Applying a new protective coating of varnish, stains or whatever it is that you’re using to protect your decking from the wind and rain is not going to be good enough if you don’t thoroughly clean the decking first.

To get the most out of your decking and garden furniture, get Elite to deep clean everything before you apply your protective layers and your decking will last much longer.