Tips for cleaning algae from your conservatory roof

Posted on January 31, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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Spring is almost upon us so it’s a good time to think about cleaning your conservatory roof. And as part of that cleaning it’s a good idea to add a treatment to not only remove the build up of moss and algae but use something that will slow down its regrowth.

There are a number of cleaning products designed specifically to clean algae but which will also kill the spores to delay or even prevent it growing back.

Ideally you want something that is safe to use on all surface so I prefer an acid free product. I would also avoid products that include phosphates. Finally I would choose something that can be used around pets and children is environmentally friendly.

Don’t’ use pond cleaners or general household products as they might damage the seals or cause other issues with your conservatory roof. If your conservatory roof is in the shade the products take longer to work than if they are in direct sunlight and you may need to apply several treatments.

If you want to prevent algae build up then it would be good to clean it once every 6 months, if you can’t do that then you really should try to do it annually. While you are up there you can unclog the gutters and remove debris. If left to build up they can cause leaks so it can save a lot of money in the long run if you keep on top of things.

A number of people have told me they use Jeyes fluid, diluted, applied, left for around half an hour and removed either with a soft brush or mop and a hose. I know some people use a pressure washer but if you get that under the seals you will do more harm than good.

If you have self cleaning glass then it will still need cleaning, it will stay clean for much longer than conventional glass but moss and algae will still build over time. But remember do not scrub it and do not use harsh chemicals. Only use products designed to be used on this sort of glass.

Oh and don’t climb on the roof, if you can reach try a soft mop with a long handle. If not consider hiring a conservatory ladder to climb up and use crawl bars on the bars. Don’t ever crawl or walk on the roof panels and of course don’t go up and when it is wet and slippy. If possible have someone with you to at least hold the ladder and be there if you need help.