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Posted on December 19, 2014 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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Conservatory cleaning

I get asked to clean plastic window frames and conservatories a lot. Typically double glazed windows have uPVC or PVC frames. When they are new they are a bright white and look really great but over time they fade, become discoloured. Bird droppings can be particularly harmful and it is important that you wipe that off as soon as you see it, as long as you can reach of course.

It seems to happen quite regularly that I will clean somebody’s conservatory and I will notice the neighbours watching, either from the garden or sometimes the upstairs window and you can see them come back to check how I’m getting on. Very often before I’ve finished off just as I am packing up my uPVC cleaning materials they will come over and ask if I can have a look at their conservatory and most of the time I end up doing that as well. I’m not sure whether I clean more conservatories in Buxton or Glossop but I enjoy doing it and my customers are pleased when they see my finished work.

It’s not just conservatories though, at least once a week I will do a complete house for someone. That  will typically entail all the windows, upstairs and downstairs, front and back. I can spend all day cleaning the uPVC windows of say a 3 or 4 bedroom house. Funnily enough I often get asked when someone is putting there house up for sale but mainly it is for people that just want to improve the look of their house.

I use specialised products for the uPVC but I use my trusted glass cleaning products that I have been using for car windows, I tend to buy the premium cleaning products, they smear less, give a better finish and as far as I’m concerned offer better value. Cheap cleaning products take you longer and never give the finish you want. I never understand why so many people try and do things on the cheap and then wonder why it takes so long and why it doesn’t look as good as mine do.

A lot of people in Glossop and Buxton know me now as I have been doing this a long time so I get a lot of recommendations which makes me feel good. Elite cleaning has a good reputation and I intend to protect that.  Most of my customers know I also offer carpet cleaning and steam cleaning, like driveways for example. So I might see some of them 2 or 3 times a year.

My products help to restore window surrounds, enhance  the colour and protect against the elements. I clean window surrounds and conservatories the same way.  I’ve got a good technique now and have done plenty. They come up looking like new and most people are house proud and pleased with the end result.

If you live in Glossop or Buxton, or anywhere else in the High Peak for that matter and need your conservatory cleaning, give me a call. I can usually give an estimate without coming out so there aren’t any surprise about my costs. I must be pretty good value as I have clients who ask me to come further afield such as Stockport and South Manchester to work for them