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Posted on October 1, 2013 by figcreative in Carpet Cleaning
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Patio cleaning services will ensure that your patio retains its well loved and well maintained sheen. Patios look beautiful at first but their exposure to the elements mean that they can become weathered and dirty if regularly cleaned. Elite Cleaning Solutions are a Stockport professional cleaning service that offer a patio cleaning service.

Elite Cleaning Solutions specialise in the removal of algae, lichen, dirt and moss – ensuring that your patio continues to look well maintained and loved.

The professional cleaning services that we can provide are proven to remove to be effective at bird dropping removal and also removing great, grit and slime from your patio. Treesap, moss and mould are all issues that our cleaning service can eradicate and leave your patio looking pristine again.

You can request a free, no obligation quote from Elite Cleaning Solutions and we’ll explain how we can restore pride to your patio with the minimum of disruption.

Specialist equipment for patio cleaning 

We provide professional cleaning services which use specialist cleaning equipment to provide you with the best possible patio clean, driveway clean and decking clean.

All the equipment we use in our cleaning service is the latest available technology and we combine this with environmentally-friendly chemical cleaners which are designed to ensure that  our patio clean will not harm you, your pets, wildlife or plants.  The professional cleaning services we offer will take care of even the most stubborn and resistant dirt, grime and algae.

The cleaning solutions we offer also include sealing your driveway with an eco-friendly seal.

Avoid slippages and request a no obligation quote

The UK is, unfortunately, known for the inclement weather it serves up. Regular rain can cause slippery, soiled and unsafe patios. As well as looking unsightly and unattractive, this can lead to unsafe patios on which people can slip and hurt themselves. Regular patio cleaning from Stockport professional cleaning service Elite Cleaning Solutions, will ensure that your patio is left not just looking good but also in a safe, usable condition.

This gives you plenty of reason to use Elite Cleaning Solutions’ professional cleaning services, so why not request a free, no obligation quote? We have extensive experience with patio cleaning for both commercial and domestic clients and offer our professional cleaning services at affordable and competitive prices.

Cleaning for patio areas is a sector Stockport cleaning service Elite Cleaning Solutions can deliver affordable and excellent results in. For a cleaning service that you know is reliable contact Elite Cleaning Solutions on 07855 781 411.