Carpet Cleaning – Professional or DIY?

Posted on May 16, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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When it comes to treating your carpets to more than a vacuum cleaning, is it best to hire a professional carpet cleaner or to do it yourself? Whether it’s with equipment that you bought to use once a year or hired specially, people are choosing to clean their carpets more thoroughly by themselves without calling in the professionals but is it really a good idea?

When done right, of course you can do it yourself, but getting it right is never easy. What makes a professional carpet cleaner is not just the tools and products that I have at my disposal, it’s the years of training and experience that I have using the tools and knowing how best to implement them.

Carpets are not always as straightforward as people might think, there are many ways to create carpets and each type requires different methods to clean them. For instance, the first tool a homeowner might decide to hire to thoroughly and deeply clean their carpets might be a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are great tools, the steam cleans and sterilises your carpets and can reach deep into the pile due to it being gaseous. However, if your carpet is heat treated to keep the twist in the pile, treating it with hot steam will cause your twist to unravel and lose its shape. Once that twist is gone, your carpet will be a lot like split ends of hair and will quickly degrade and begin to fall apart.

Carpets are expensive to replace, getting a new carpet fitted is a hassle, it takes time and your new carpet is never quite the same. Why risk the lifespan of your current carpet and submit yourself to doing a thorough cleaning yourself? Using the wrong products on the wrong carpets can stain them, bleach them or ruin them completely.

Save yourself the research time, the hassle and most importantly, the risk. Call Elite Cleaning UK and have your carpets treated properly with care.