Carpet Cleaning in Glossop

Posted on May 9, 2015 by adam in Carpet Cleaning
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Living near Glossop it’s always nice to get carpet cleaning jobs there. A lot of people know me in Glossop and being called back to maintain a carpet I’ve cleaned in the past or to a client I’ve cleaned conservatories or driveways for is a great feeling. After all carpets need regular professional cleaning, only around once every 9-12 months on average (this depends on how often the carpets are used, pets, children etc.), so it’s a great feeling when a client calls you back to maintain their carpets.

Many of my Glossop clients know that I do more than just carpet cleaning and will contact me about other jobs such as uPVC cleaning for their conservatories and doors, driveway cleaning and due to Glossop’s love of caravans, the occasional caravan cleaning service. People say the proof is in the pudding, but it seems the proof is in the person when you get called to do a new job for a previous client.

The key part of cleaning carpets is to get the make them last. Replacing carpets is a tedious and costly process, so when I get called out to professionally clean carpets in Glossop, the first step is to assess the carpet’s age, wear and tear. Assessing a carpet first allows me to use the appropriate process, equipment and products to give your carpets the best treatment available.

Whilst there are plenty of places in Glossop you can get cleaning products, attempting your own professional carpet cleaning can often do more damage than good to your carpets. Even hiring professional cleaning equipment can still do damage if used incorrectly, powerful shampoos, cleaners and steamers can cause damage, shrinkage or potentially release the twist in the carpet pile. My years of experience and training are why people from Glossop choose Elite for their carpet cleaning needs time after time.